Making a monster impact on the war on waste

15 October 2019
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Tomorrow is World Nude Food Day! So what better timing to share a passion project of Nathan Russo, Beaconhills alumni (Class of ’99) and current classroom teacher.

Meet the Garbage Guts monsters – don’t worry they’re super friendly! These monsters have very particular diets that coincidently align with the different bins around our school (with an extra character to eat soft plastics from REDcycle bins that are found in local supermarkets).

Recycling is one of the simplest ways to minimise negative impacts on the environment, but the effectiveness of recycling programs rely on waste being sorted correctly. That’s why Nathan created Garbage Guts Education! The program aims to teach children in schools how to correctly sort rubbish into the right bins in a way that is fun and educational, and will have a lasting impact for local households and communities.

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