Lunches with the Year 12s

3 May 2017
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At this time each year, my series of Headmaster’s lunches give Year 12s a brief chance to pause, reflect and set goals for the future. Some students, of course, are just there for the lunch!

These House group lunches are a chance for me to talk directly with students and also an opportunity for them to ask me questions.

Setting goals is a focus. This year I am giving students a card with the aim of encouraging some self-reflection. They are asked to jot down answers to two questions, ‘what would their success look like?’ and ‘What do they need to do (to achieve this)?’ They can choose to keep this information for their own reference, or share it with others.

I remind students that soon they will no longer be just competing with their schoolmates’ academic results, but those of students across the entire state. While maintaining a healthy balance of study and personal wellbeing is critical, now is also the time to firmly focus on the future.

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