Founders’ Day Service

17 March 2015
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The focus of this year’s Founders’ Day Service was our staff alumni

There could be no better vote of confidence in a school than the fact that former students are keen to return as adult staff members.

Beaconhills College currently has 30 staff who were once students at the school. At the recent Founders’ Day Service, Years 6-12 students listened to two of these staff explain why they chose to work at Beaconhills.

Japanese and Science teacher Deanna Hatcher joined the College as a Year 7 student in 1993 and remembers the early days of few facilities and “assemblies sitting on the cold concrete of the Middle School Quad”.

But she said Beaconhills had always been a school which offered a huge amount of opportunities. For example, as a student she took part in the first Japanese exchange program to Ibaraki.

“It is a privilege to now be part of that (Japanese) program as a teacher,” she said.

Pakenham’s Deputy Head of Sport, Peter Ashmore was a student from 1996-2001, then returned just four years later to start teaching.

He also spoke of the College’s “many great opportunities”, from Performing and Visual Arts to Cadets, Equestrian, Sport and overseas experiences.

“I believe our greatest assets are you, our students…vibrant, interesting and well-behaved people,” he said.

Headmaster Tony Sheumack said the annual Founders’ Day Service recognised those who worked so hard to establish the College 33 years ago.

“We do stand on the shoulders of those who have been before us,” he said. “This is a successful school of which you should be proud.”

The service was held at the Pakenham Campus but also included representatives from the Berwick Campus. Year 5s watched a live simulcast from the Rainbow Room in the Junior School.


Kyle M (left) from Pakenham and Amy H from Berwick enjoyed the service

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