How pets help us study

26 March 2020
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Pets are not only our loyal companions, but we also know that they can greatly help us through challenging times.

One of the best parts of home learning (apart from being able to wear your pyjamas) is having furry study buddies around to keep motivation high! Our College counsellors and ‘pawrents’ to friendly therapy dogs, Smudgee and Kai, have explained the benefits of keeping pets close by:

“Let pets be your GEM (gratitude, empathy, mindfulness) and help you in resilience training. Be grateful for their love and companionship, and let them help you practice 30 minutes of mindfulness a day by brushing, patting and walking them” – Jane Negus

“Having an animal nearby is known to reduce stress and increase our sense of calm. Pets are great listeners so we encourage you to read to them, teach them about what you are learning; show them your creations and enjoy the fresh air with them by your side” – Amanda Harris

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