Gonski 2.0

7 May 2018
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The Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools – the so-called Gonski 2.0 – has some important key recommendations around reforming student learning to best prepare students for the future.

If this sounds familiar to Beaconhills College, it’s probably because this is the essence of our Learning That Matters philosophy underpinning our curriculum. Beaconhills has always stood for innovation – and Learning That Matters delivers the learning that will be most relevant and useful for students in their future careers.

The new report states that Australia still operates an industrial model of school education, not designed to “differentiate learning or stretch all students to ensure they achieve maximum learning growth each year”.

The report contains a total of 23 recommendations on how the education sector can undergo a reform agenda. Our staff will be spending time reviewing these recommendations to ensure we are continuing to provide programs that meet the needs of our students. If you would like to read the report, you will find a link to it here .

As Deputy Headmaster, I am looking forward to working with our community this term while Tony Sheumack has a well-deserved break on long-service leave.

Stephen McGinley


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