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17 April 2015
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Laval visitI am delighted to see yet another group of students from our sister school in Laval, in the La Mayenne region of France, return to Beaconhills this month.

Our relationship with the Laval school ‘Immaculée Conception’ now stretches back 17 years and it has been a most successful student exchange program.

It is a joy for the students from both countries to reunite again, in this case for the Laval students to reconnect with the group of Beaconhills students who visited France last year and meet their families who are now hosting them during their stay here.

Aside from the friendships formed, this exchange program is invaluable to students from both sides of the world and a wonderful way to increase understanding of other cultures and ways of life. And who knows what future study, career or personal opportunities may evolve from these connections?

Over the coming weeks, I will also be on tour as part of our Learning That Matters project, now in the final stages of the three-year program, in conjunction with colleagues from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) and other school leaders.

The work we do will help consolidate our six key Learning That Matters principles, which now underpin our entire College curriculum, and set the blueprint for our College leadership for the future.

I have invited some guest bloggers from our leadership team to contribute to this space in my absence.

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