Getting a HeadStart

3 December 2018
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One of the highly valuable programs we deliver effectively at Beaconhills College each year is HeadStart.

HeadStart is an exciting introduction to the 2019 curriculum for students moving to Years 9-12.

At Beaconhills, HeadStart evolved more than a decade ago from a simple two-day transition program. Rather than a tokenistic entrée to the next year level, HeadStart actually gives students the first two weeks of their 2019 curriculum in each of their subjects.

Academically, it not only provides some meaningful holiday homework, but sets strong foundations on which each student can build from the moment they recommence school in 2019.

It also gives senior students confidence in their decisions about the subjects they have chosen, resulting in far fewer last-minute subject changes at the start of the year.

We welcome students who are new to our College community next year, as they also enjoy our HeadStart program!


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