East Timor classrooms ready for the wet season

26 October 2017
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Thanks to Beaconhills community donations, children in the Orema school near Hatolia in East Timor have a new building ready for the wet season.

When Beaconhills Year 10s visited Orema last term, staff cut the ribbon to officially open two new classrooms and staffroom, but the project was then not quite completed.

College students, staff and families have generously donated through church services, House services and other fundraising events to help build the $30,000 facility.

Head of Beacon Explorers, Sam Maddock, said the new building would give the school capacity to run more classes. Until recently there were 175 children using just three classrooms.

He said Beaconhills’ next goal was to raise $11,000 US to build a new kitchen for the school, using funding from the BeaconMeals initiative.

Beaconhills students have visited and volunteered in East Timor for many years as part of the Beacon Explorers program and the College has been a supporter of schools in the Ermera District, which includes Hatolia, since 2001.

The new classrooms

Head of Beacon Explorers, Sam Maddock, cuts the ribbon during the visit to Orema

More opening celebrations, with Head of Citizenship and Service Clare Tuohy and Sam Maddock, Head of Beacon Explorers


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