Credit where it’s due

29 November 2016
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Mark Twain once quipped that he could live for two months on a good compliment.

As well as compliments, it’s very important that our students’ accomplishments earn more formal recognition. When they have worked hard, they should know that their achievements are valued and recognised, by the College and the wider community.

I’m delighted that already we have five students shortlisted for the annual VCE Season of Excellence awards run by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).
Congratulations to Berwick Campus students listed so far: Kelly Jones (Top Designs – Media), Ruby Lang (Top Arts) and Victor Benko (Top Designs – Systems). Pakenham Campus students Tom Algie (Top Designs – Systems) and Tess Wilkens (Top Art) are also on the shortlist. Congratulations.

Beaconhills is no stranger to VCE awards. Since our inception we have well over 100 students who have achieved Season of Excellence awards, Premier’s awards and perfect study scores. It’s a fine record.

The College also recognises achievements in a variety of other ways and across all year levels, whether it is in academic assemblies, in events such as our recent art and technology exhibitions, dance concerts or through our College marketing.

Tess Wilkens with her book

Tess Wilkens with her book

Kelly Jones' art

Kelly Jones’ art

Ruby Lang's lantern

Ruby Lang’s lantern

Tom Algie designed an 'exoskeleton' in Systems Engineering

Tom Algie designed an ‘exoskeleton’ in Systems Engineering

Victor Benko's Systems Engineering project

Victor Benko’s Systems Engineering project

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