Creating connectedness

8 May 2015
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Wellbeing is a word frequently used and often misunderstood. We have begun a process of deep thinking in the College to research and understand what wellbeing means to our community and how to embed wellbeing into all aspects of student learning.

We know that a strong sense of wellbeing is an integral part of effective learning and we aim to enhance the wellbeing of our students.

Connectedness is the key to development of individual wellbeing. When you reflect on your own life experience you are likely to recognise that when you have strong family relationships, trusted friendships and work in a role where you are valued, then you are more likely to enjoy positive mental health and strive toward your goals.  For our students this is the same and we know that a high degree of school connectedness is significantly linked to improved learning outcomes and general wellbeing.

When we talk about connectedness at Beaconhills we are referring to students who are actively engaged in meaningful learning, known and valued in their school community and involved in extra- curricular activities. They have a significant teacher they can trust and rely upon, are challenged in their learning and have a positive peer network.

We have introduced processes, undertaken research and developed understanding aimed at building connectedness amongst our students. Through development of strong relationships, shared problem-solving and active communication between students, teachers and parents, we aim to establish a supportive environment filled with challenge that ensures student engagement, positive mental health and strong academic performance.

Yvonne AshmoreYvonne Ashmore

Senior Student Counsellor and Wellbeing Leader


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