Complaints Resolution Policy

Beaconhills College recognises that there will be occasions where individuals or organisations may disagree with the way the College has handled matters and may wish to lodge a complaint. These individuals and organisations may include parents, students, suppliers, local residents, and other external bodies.

The College acknowledges that complaints are an opportunity to improve and is fully committed to resolving complaints in an efficient, fair and timely manner. The College recognises that its complaints handling procedures must be fair to the complainant as well as the person who is subject of the complaint. Accordingly, the College will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of the complaint within one (1) working day
  • Treat all parties with sensitivity, respect and courtesy
  • Investigate matters impartially and fairly
  • Provide all parties with a response within 14 days, or provide interim information if a response is not yet available
  • Provide clear reasons as to why any actions have been taken or are proposed to be taken
  • Keep matters confidential
  • Monitor the effectiveness of outcomes
  • Provide a right of appeal to the Headmaster and Chair of the Board of Directors if the College’s response to the complaint is not satisfactory.
Making a complaint

The College asks that, where appropriate, you first raise the matter directly with the relevant staff member or Campus Principal. If that is not appropriate or the issue was not addressed to your satisfaction, please contact our Complaints Officer, David Young on 1300 002 225 or at

Complaints relating to child protection incidents

There may, at times, be concerns or complaints relating to the College’s Child Protection program, for example regarding the College’s management of a child protection incident.

When a child protection-related complaint is made, the College will first consider whether the complaint raises any concerns about unreported abuse and/or risk of abuse at the College. If concerns of this nature are raised by the complainant, the College’s ‘Procedures for Responding to and Reporting Child Protection Incidents’ should be followed. This process is detailed on the College website,

Child protection complaints that do not raise concerns of unreported abuse, or a risk of abuse at the College, will be managed in the same manner as other complaints received by the College. The complaints will be recorded within the College‘s complaints register, to ensure that any further developments relating to the same incident or issue are monitored

Management of complaints

At any stage following receipt of a complaint, either party is entitled to refer the complaint to another authority for resolution, eg. the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA), Victoria Police, or the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC). This will not necessarily prevent the College from pursuing an internal investigation.

When complaints are made about the conduct of any employee or staff member of the College, only the substance of the complaint will be provided to the Respondent. The full text of the complaint will not be provided to the subject of the complaint except in extraordinary circumstances.

The Complaints Officer, upon receiving the complaint, can reject a complaint that in their opinion is vexatious, trivial or without substance, or does not warrant further action taking into account the provisions of this policy.

Final response and right of redress

The complainant will be advised of the outcome of any investigation or subsequent determination. This communication will detail:

  • The substance of the original complaint
  • An outline of the investigation undertaken
  • The finding of the investigation
  • A proposed resolution or offer of redress, which may include meditation, counselling or further support.

All final responses and/or offers of redress will be approved by the Complaints Officer and the Headmaster or, in their absence, or if the complaint involves the Headmaster, the Board of Directors. Where appropriate, offers of redress will be made in writing.

A complaint that has not been resolved to the satisfaction of the Complainant may be referred by the Complainant to an outside agency.

Overseas students

If an overseas student isn’t satisfied with the outcome of the College’s internal complaints-handling process, they may lodge an external appeal through the Overseas Students Ombudsman (OSO) which investigates complaints about problems that overseas students or intending overseas students may have with private education and training in Australia. The services of the OSO are free. The contact details for OSO are as follows:



The purpose of the OSO is to investigate whether the College has followed its own internal policies and procedures. Generally, the OSO does not make a decision in place of the College. The College agrees to be bound to the OSO’s recommendations, and will ensure that any recommendations made are implemented within 30 days of receipts of the report.

This Complaints Resolution policy is available on the College’s website at , or may be requested in writing at any time upon request by calling 1300 002 225.

The College is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information you may provide us in the course of making a complaint. The College’s Privacy Policy is available on the College’s website at , or may be requested in writing at any time upon request by calling 1300 002 225.