Choosing your school: what matters

21 October 2016
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Over the years I have taken hundreds of tours of parents interested in a Beaconhills College education. I think it has given me some interesting insights into what really matters to parents.

As well as a caring and supportive environment, there is one theme that always emerges. Opportunity.

‘Opportunities and choice’ is where Beaconhills really shines over its competitors. In the all-important senior years, students can choose from a wide range of subjects – Physical Education, Music, Systems Engineering, Art, Food and Technology and much more. They have the opportunities to follow their passions, setting the groundwork for their future pathways and life-long interests.

Every year some of the outstanding works of our senior students go on display, such as in our recent Visual Arts and Technology exhibitions and on stage in a wide range of musical, dance and drama performances. They are also evident in the huge number of individual and team sporting achievements.

I invite you to join me on one of our weekly tours of the Pakenham or Berwick Campus.


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