Choice and diversity the secret to VCE success at Beaconhills

12 December 2019
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Beaconhills College is celebrating another successful year of VCE results at both its Pakenham and Berwick campuses.

Fourteen students achieved ATARs (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) in the 90s, with College Dux Sonia Lan (Berwick Campus) scoring 98.2. Pakenham Campus Dux was Mariam Mostokly with 98.05. In total, 264 Beaconhills students successfully completed their VCE.

The Beaconhills results continue to reflect success across its extensive subject choice in the senior years, giving students diverse and interesting study options.

The highest achieving students studied subjects such as Maths, Maths Methods, Chemistry and Biology and a range of languages including Japanese, French, Arabic and Chinese Second Language Advanced.

Dux Sonia Lan said she enjoyed every aspect of school, from igniting her interest in science at Year 5, to joining the school band, debating and public speaking teams.

“All the teachers were really supportive and encouraged me to think about what I was passionate about,” said Sonia, who now hopes to study biomedicine at the University of Melbourne.

Excellent scores were recorded across subjects such as Outdoor and Environmental Studies, Music Performance, Software Development, Art, History and Dance.

Year 11 student Sam Sail, one of the 2020 Pakenham Campus captains, had a perfect 50/50 subject score for Unit 3/4 Physics.

Headmaster Tony Sheumack congratulated all students and said he was proud of their achievements.

“Our highlight again is the diversity of subjects undertaken by our top students,” Mr Sheumack said. “We congratulate these students and everyone who has worked hard to achieve such wonderful results, including of course all parents and our team of very dedicated teaching staff.”

The top 14

Sonia Lan – Berwick – 98.2

Mariam Mostokly – Pakenham 98.05

Val Yanovsky – Pakenham – 96.85

Zoe Ellis – Berwick – 95.75

Ethan Sutton – Pakenham – 95.7

Jake Cawfield – Berwick – 94.85

Phoebe Hird – Berwick – 93.7

Darya Izotova – Pakenham – 93.65

Matisse Lazzari – Pakenham – 93.45

Elise Tabensky – Pakenham – 93.45

Kasumi Ogawa – Pakenham – 92.25

Jaimie Triantafillou – Berwick – 92

Sara Vojdani – Berwick – 90.75

Breanna Astle – Pakenham – 90.65

Pictured (l-r) Headmaster Tony Sheumack, Pakenham Campus Principal Sarah Rudiger, College Dux Sonia Lan, Breanna Astle, Matisse Lazzari, Ethan Sutton, Jake Cawfield, Jaimie Triantafillou, Elise Tabensky, Phoebe Hird, and Berwick Campus Principal Jenny Williams.

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