‘C’est la vie’ in Middle School

2 December 2015
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Middle School students have showcased their French language abilities in a series of plays presented to students and parents.

The entertaining and humorous plays were the result of a semester’s work and the chance to celebrate their learning in a fun and entertaining way.

Beaconhills teaches French using AIM (Accelarative Intergrated Methodology), which is an innovative gesture method of learning. It focuses on teaching the language through story, theatre, drama, dance and music.

Teacher Joseph Zamer said the students’ participation in the plays helped them increase their fluency, comprehension, reading and writing.

Camelia Surdu, another French teacher, said the students had worked hard to rehearse and memorise their lines.

“Parents are very impressed at the progress they have made in French,” she said.

Year 5s presented ‘Comment y aller’ (How to go there), Year 6s ‘Chat Angora’ (Angora cat), Year 7s ‘Salut mon ami’ (Hi my friend) and Year 7 advanced class ‘Veax-tu aller au Carnaval?’ (Do you want to go to the carnival?’

Year 6 students Leila S (right) and Grace W present 'Chat Angora'

Year 6 students Leila S (right) and Grace W present ‘Chat Angora’

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