Care packages to help the homeless

13 September 2017
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Year 9  student Chelsea Magee has created care packages for people experiencing homelessness as part of her ‘Personal Best’ project at school.

Chelsea’s project, called ‘Hope in Hardship’, involved her gathering donations from the school community and local businesses to assemble into care packages.

They contain various essentials such a poncho, hat, a top, a bag, socks and a range of hygiene products.

“I named my project Hope in Hardship because the bag that I am giving these recipients is like a small glimpse of hope for them,” Chelsea said.

“I also incorporated sewing into my project by making ponchos that can then turn into blankets and pillows.”

Today  (13 September), Chelsea and other Year 9 students from Berwick Campus will take part in the Brotherhood of St Lawrence’s Urban Camp. The camp in based in Collingwood, but students will travel to the CBD where Chelsea said she would distribute the packages.

Each year Beaconhills students undertake Personal Best, where they choose a project or passion and spend a term bringing it to fruition.

Chelsea said the most challenging part of her project was trying the “get the ball rolling” for donations.

“I won’t deny it, this project was a huge challenge, but my passion for common good and social justice just grew the whole way through the process and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it,” she said.

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