6 January 2020
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Recently communities Australia wide have felt the force of the bushfires, which have ravaged homes, habitats and landscapes. The level of trauma caused is unfathomable, and I struggle to express in words the sympathy and horror I feel for all affected, locally and nationally. I would like to express my deepest condolences.

Thank you to the Beaconhills College community for their enthusiasm and involvement in providing charity for those impacted by the fires. I have heard numerous accounts of Beaconhills families who have contributed immensely in their own ways, and I encourage all of you to continue in these efforts of compassion and community spirit.

A number of students have contacted our Head of Citizenship and Service, Clare Tuohy, asking how they can help and we will be formulating a fundraising response ready for the start of term 1 .

I hope for a year of restoration and recovery, where we can continue to address all aspects of bushfire trauma and continue to reflect on an effective means of fire prevention and preparation as a country – to the best of our ability.

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