Book pays tribute to exchange program

6 February 2017
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Last year our sister school in Laval, France celebrated its 150th anniversary.

Now the school, Immaculée Conception, has published a 150-page book on the school’s rich history. One chapter is dedicated to the Beaconhills exchange program, which began in 1999.

In the book, Head of the school, Loïc Bouillée, writes that the exchange program started because Immaculée Conception wanted its students to appreciate other cultures and “surpass the French way of thinking, insufficient for entering world professional space.”

He described the eight host students welcoming the Beaconhills visitors, and our students touring Angers castle and the castle of Saumur, Notre Dame cathedral of Poitiers and Futuroscope.

“Paris would be their ultimate place to visit before returning to Australia,” he wrote in the book.

“France (was) full of surprises for them: there are no old stones and old castles in Australia, the French school rhythm and seven hours school day frighten(ed) them.. the use of space is totally different in France from Australia. “

On February 18, a new group of Laval students will return to Beaconhills to stay with host families and experience life and study in Australia. Head of French, Pakenham Campus, Yelena Pinchuk will present a copy of the book to the College during an assembly at the time.

Immaculée Conception in Laval, France

Immaculée Conception in Laval, France

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