Birthday party…or donate to charity?

23 October 2019
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A Year 3 Beaconhills student has generously decided to donate his birthday money to charity SolarBuddy this year.

Vidusha Kodagoda was promised a big birthday, but after he and his family took part in a SolarBuddy morning at Beaconhills College, Vidusha thought the money ($500) would be better spent to help children living in energy poverty across the world. The funds will now help buy 20 solar lights.

Vidusha said he felt sorry for children who couldn’t afford birthdays and was glad to help.

SolarBuddy lights help children do their homework without using dangerous kerosene lamps. Beaconhills launched the SolarBuddy initiative in the College in 2017 and has held events throughout the year where families and students assemble the lights and write an accompanying ‘letter of kindness’ to the recipients.

Student Vidusha proudly displays his solar light donations

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