Birthday bonus for Berwick Campus Dux

17 December 2016
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Beaconhills College’s Berwick Campus Dux Lucas Nielsen has had a big week.

As well as a 97.4 ATAR for his VCE, he’s had a trip to Sydney, a birthday and gained his driver’s licence.

Lucas is excited that he has more than enough marks now to get into the University of Melbourne to study Arts, with plans to pursue his love of politics, international studies and history.

He admits he was surprised at achieving such excellent results: “We had a lot of super-smart people in our cohort this year, but I think I was really organised and had a good study timetable.”

Lucas also praised his teachers and the resources available to Beaconhills students, such as the regular seminars, study guides and after school tutorials.

“I had really good teachers for all of my subjects,” he said. “Number one, they were good at teaching, and number two they liked their subject.”

Lucas was born in Malaysia and has lived in Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore before moving to Australia, so he said international studies appealed to his interests – with a view to eventually living and working in Asia.

Berwick College Dux Lucas (centre) with his family

Berwick College Dux Lucas (centre) with his family

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