Beaconhills students score three Premier’s Awards

3 June 2019
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Beaconhills College today is celebrating three Premier’s VCE Awards collected by two of its high achieving students from the Class of 2018 – Victoria Tiplady (Berwick Campus) and College Dux Olivia Acciarito (Pakenham Campus).

Olivia earned an impressive two Premier’s Awards for her perfect scores in Legal Studies and Visual Communication Design, while Victoria’s award recognised her 50/50 in Outdoor and Environmental Studies. (Oliva also scored a perfect 50 in English).

The awards ceremony was held today at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, with more than 1000 guests attending.

Victoria said she was “thrilled” to receive the award and paid tribute to the dedication of her teacher, Belinda Dalziel.

“Mrs Dalziel provided such an amazing support system, giving me exam after exam and correction after correction – it was both her commitment and kindness which inspired me to achieve the top results.”

Victoria said Beaconhills College’s outstanding resources enabled her to discover and build on her passion for the outdoors, both through classroom and practical experiences.

“I’d love to continue pursing and extending my knowledge in the outdoor environment career path by potentially completing an outdoor traineeship in the future years,” she said.

Both girls are studying double degrees this year at Monash University, Olivia is doing Law and Global Studies and Victoria is studying Science and Global Studies.

Olivia pictured with Pakenham Campus Principal Sarah Rudiger

Victoria pictured with teacher Belinda Dalziel.

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