Why Beacon Explorers matters

20 February 2015
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Beacon Explorers is all six pillars of Learning That Matters in action

One of the  incredible opportunities we offer at our school is for students to be part of our comprehensive Beacon Explorers program, which starts in Little Beacons and extends right through to Year 12.

Beacon Explorers encompasses all of our global and outdoor programs. It takes in experiences ranging from hiking through the high country in Year 8, to visiting Vietnam or East Timor in Year 9 or paddling down the Yarra in a Year 10 urban camp.

It is an enormous program. In February and March alone we will see hundreds of students from Years 6-10 depart for Canberra, Eildon, the Bogong High Plains, urban camps in the city and take part in activities such as sea-kayaking, mountain biking and rock climbing.

The Beacon Explorers program stretches across all six pillars of our Learning That Matters principles: learning, the environment, wellbeing, values and character, citizenship and service and the world and other cultures.

Outdoor Education experiences are much more than just ‘camps’ at Beaconhills and our global programs are anything but tourist sightseeing holidays.

These programs give students the chance to truly immerse themselves in the outdoors or in another culture, without the distractions of mobile phones and electronic entertainment. They give them physical and mental challenges, the chance to develop leadership skills, initiative, resilience, compassion and responsibility.

For many students, they are life-changing experiences which also help them to genuinely appreciate what they have at home.



Rising to the challenge on a Year 7 camp


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