Artist-in-resident program

10 September 2018
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Recently I was delighted to be able to help out with our wonderful artist-in-residence program by providing the subject matter – my 1982 Morgan Plus 8 English roadster.

My Morgan, of course, is not my everyday vehicle. It has been my hobby and personal passion – working with a friend – to restore it over a period of 18 months. It needed a roll cage (as it has a timber frame), some headrests and other parts to meet Austin conditions. It is literally only driven to church on Sundays!

When I was asked if my car could be used as a photography subject for Media students working with our artist-in-residence, Rob McGregor, of course I was happy to oblige. Our artist-in-residence program not only enables students to gain industry experience from working with experts in their fields, but allows artists to work for period of time at the College and leave their artworks as a lasting legacy. It’s a fantastic way to foster creativity, exchange ideas and inspire students in their art studies.

Students from all year levels have benefited. While senior students learned photography and lighting techniques from Rob as they photographed the Morgan, our Preps also enjoyed sketching the car and sharing their artwork with me. I am very much looking forward to seeing some of the final work of our students.

The Morgan (photo here by Rob McGregor)



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