Alumni wins Australian Academy of Science award

25 September 2020
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Doctor Jessica Hamilton (Class of 2009) has just won the Australian Academy of Science’s annual Falling Walls Lab competition for her research exploring the possibility of extracting Carbon Dioxide from old mining operations.

Her work, published by a large international collaboration led by Monash University in Economic Geology, describes laboratory experiments to evaluate two approaches using existing low cost and low energy technologies to reuse stockpiled waste and capture carbon dioxide in the form of valuable carbonate minerals.

The significance of her work is clear as although passive carbonation of mine tailings occurs naturally, the equivalent of approximately 30 years of passive carbonation was achieved within four weeks in one of her suggested experiments.

This is an outstanding achievement and we are all so proud of her as she goes on to represent Australia in the next phase of the competition amidst 100 other pitches from leading scientists worldwide.


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