A sobering story for Year 9s

5 August 2020
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Former Collingwood Premiership player Gavin Crosisca was online with our Year 9 students last week to deliver a sobering message about addiction.

Crosisca, who now works in the drug rehabilitation field with an organisation called Sober Living Rehab, shared his life journey with students, describing his years of drug and alcohol addiction. The session explored the risks and responsibilities around drugs and alcohol, to help students make positive and informed choices regarding their health and wellbeing.

“I could list many take home messages I would love the students to grab a hold of but I guess the main message I always would like to get across to young people (or anyone for that matter) is that ‘asking for help’ is imperative for our wellbeing and that there is support out there so we don’t have to do it alone,” he said.

Students asked Crosisca a number of questions about his recovery – and the wisdom he had gained from his experience.

Gavin Crosisca


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