A message of hope this Easter

5 April 2019
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As term 1 of 2019 draws to a close, our Pakenham Campus Senior Chaplain, Rev Peggy Kruse shares this message  of hope for Easter time…

I am reminded each year of how very complex the Easter story is to tell to the younger students of our College.  In fact, it is difficult for most of us even as adults to comprehend.  It is most important to not overlook the crucifixion – though for the younger students we do not focus heavily on this part of the story. How can we even attempt to understand such a barbarous and cruel act(s) towards another human being?  I, personally, need to be reminded of the crucifixion to keep the petty things in my own life in perspective.  I also need to be reminded of how much God in the human form of Jesus suffered and how God through Jesus understands what it is to be human.

Without the crucifixion we would not need the miracle of resurrection – God’s ultimate power and conquering over death.  The power over death was on many levels: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.  Jesus was set free from all of the earthly constraints that bind us as human beings. When we think of all the possibilities that exist to create new life, whether in plant, animal or human form within our natural world, we are also confronted with the idea that God exists within all of these capacities.  But when we think of the resurrection of Jesus, God is demonstrating that life is sacred, life is a gift and life is to be celebrated.  At Easter time, we need to hold all these things before us – the sacred, the gift, and the celebration of all good things that indicate that death is not the final answer.  The ultimate meaning of the resurrection is the re-discovery in the small, intimate details and experiences of our daily life that make conversations with others, caring for those who need to be cared for, compassion for those without a voice and creating a better community – add up to the vision of a better, more complete and enriched future that is blessed by the God of love who is seen in Jesus Christ, our Saviour.  God bless you and your family at this sacred time of Easter.

– Rev Peggy Kruse

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