7 tips for staying positive in the pandemic

27 July 2020
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Head of Wellbeing, Yvonne Ashmore, offers seven tips for staying positive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s easy to feel bleak about the world amidst a global pandemic. But how do we stay positive and maintain perspective? Here are seven suggestions (artwork by Year 5 student Meg Barrett):

1. Try to focus on the ‘here and now’ and what is going well for you at the moment
2. At least once or twice a day, try to reaffirm to yourself what you are grateful for
3. Maintain your support networks and connections with others
4. Limit your media intake each day and stick to reliable and reputable sources of information
5. Be kind to yourself and others. Remember that everyone is feeling a little bit stressed
6. Students, trust that your teachers will help guide and support you. They are there to help
7. Stay positive for the future – we will manage through this! Have faith that it will eventually end.


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