Think before you click

18 May 2017
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The recent worldwide cyber-attacks are a significant cause for concern in all organisations, including our College.

Our IT department has worked hard to ensure that in the event of a cyber-attack, we have the ability to minimise the damage to our systems.

One area where we need to be vigilant is around our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program for Years 9-12 students, as issues such as use of pirated software can jeopardise our College networks.

Here are some helpful tips from our IT department which may be useful to everyone:

• Do not open any emails that look suspicious and particularly be aware that attachments could damage your important data
• Never give your password to anyone
• Keep regular backups of your important data in a safe place, not connected to your computer
• Ensure that your operating system and anti-virus software is updated to the latest version
• Don’t use pirated software, it often contains malicious content that could damage your important data
• A good free anti-virus solution is available here https://home.sophos.com

Prevention is the best cure.

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