Space camp was a blast

6 April 2017
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Space Camp at the USA’s Honeywell Leadership Challenge Academy was something Year 10 Beaconhills College student Phoebe Hird will never forget.

While her friends were heading back to school in February, Phoebe was at the Space and Rocket Center in Alabama, spinning in space on a gravity chair, taking part in leadership tasks, aviation challenges and robotics.

Phoebe was one of the lucky children of Honeywell employees chosen to attend the program with participants from 27 other countries.

Along with picking up her flight suit, Phoebe said a highlight was the ‘simulated missions’, in which each student had a different role.

“I was mission specialist which meant I had to start in the ‘Orbiter’ and, along with the pilot and commander, had to launch from Earth and dock at the International Space Station (ISS),” she said.

That meant following a checklist of specific actions and performing different scientific experiments while on the simulated ISS.

Phoebe said the mission really sparked her imagination and she is now rethinking her plans for a career in marine biology or environmental science.

“The need for people in space in the ISS, in particular scientists, is high and so I would love to be able to contribute to research on environmental science from the ISS,” she said.

“Space camp has allowed me to dream bigger dreams.”

Photos courtesy of Honeywell

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