Random acts of kindness roll on

2 May 2017
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Beaconhills College’s popular ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ project is putting a smile on the faces of Melbourne pedestrians once again, as Year 9s hit the streets bearing gifts and cards.

Year 9 students take part in the project each year and it has become very popular. It involves students handing out a simple gift, flower or even a poem to a stranger – just to spread some joy and positivity. ‘Citizenship and Service’ is one of the pillars of learning at Beaconhills College.

Year 9 staff have received a number of letters in recent days from delighted recipients.

One writer said she was delighted to receive a red rose from a student while working in the city.

“After the week I had been having, this was a joyous, spontaneous surprise and I cannot put into words the feelings I had the moment the young man handed me the rose with such confidence, respect and pride,” she said.

A teacher, in a letter he sent today (2 May), said he was amazed to see Beaconhills students donate a new pair of gloves to a homeless man in Elizabeth Street.

“My hat goes off to your school for encouraging such humbleness in your students,” he said.

Another couple praised the College for the initiative and said receiving a simple card reading “I hope this makes your Friday a lot better’ was a ‘feel good moment’ for them.

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