Complaints Resolution Policy

Beaconhills College recognises that from time to time there might be instances where individuals or organisations may disagree with the way the College has handled matters and may wish to lodge a complaint. Such individuals may include parents, students, suppliers, local residents, and other external bodies with whom the College has dealings.

The College acknowledges that complaints present an opportunity to improve and is fully committed to resolving complaints in an efficient, fair and timely manner. The College recognises that its complaints handling procedures must be fair to the complainant as well as the person about whom the complaint is made. Accordingly, the College will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 1 working day;
  • Treat all parties with sensitivity, respect and courtesy;
  • Investigate matters impartially and fairly;
  • Provide all parties with a response within 14 days, or provide interim information if a response is not yet available;
  • Provide clear reasons as to why any actions have been taken or are proposed to be taken
  • Keep matters confidential;
  • Monitor the effectiveness of outcomes; and
  • Provide a right of appeal to the Headmaster and Chair of the Board of Directors if the College’s response to the complaint is not satisfactory.
Making a Complaint

We ask that, where appropriate, you first raise the matter directly with the relevant staff member or the Campus Principal. If that is not appropriate or the issue was not addressed to your satisfaction, please contact our Complaints Officer, David Young, on 1300 002 225 or email

Complaints Relating to Child Protection Incidents

There may, at times, be concerns or complaints relating to the College’s Child Protection Program, for example regarding the College’s management of a child protection incident.

When a child protection-­‐related complaint is made, the College will first consider whether the complaint raises any concerns about unreported abuse and/or risk of abuse at the College.

If concerns of this nature are raised by the complaint, all Board Members, College staff, the Headmaster, Volunteers, Third Party Contractors and External Education Providers will follow the Four Critical Actions for Schools Responding to Incidents, Disclosures and Suspicions of Child Abuse which are reflected in the College’s Procedures for Responding to and Reporting Allegations of Child Abuse.

Child protection complaints that do not raise concerns of unreported abuse, or a risk of abuse at the College will be managed in the same manner as other complaints received by the College. The complaints will be recorded to ensure that any further developments relating to the same incident or issue are monitored.